Liquid Metal

25 November 2014

Now, some ‘beholders’ will find this sculpture of a 1971 Ford Torino beautiful, and others, well, might just find a little bit strange. This sculpture of the legendary 1971 Ford Torino, was made by Romanian artist, Ioan Florea.

Florea used liquid metal to mould his sculpture into the shape of a Torino with some impressive detail on it, too. Asked why he chose the Torino, Florea said that the big American cars used to make a strong impression on him as a child.

To create his rather unusual sculpture, Florea used nano- materials and nano-pigments. Yes, it does kind of sound like a science experiment, but it seems as though Florea’s experiment went the right direction. The nano-materials and pigments creates an internal, 3D structure that then dictates the polymer how to behave. And thus, his vision of an unusual, yet strikingly beautiful 1971 Ford Torino was completed. Although we don’t have a lot of details about exactly how Florea managed the liquid metal, we sure know that people will be talking about his Torino sculpture for quite some time.