Rob Pollock

10 September 2014

  1. Tell us about your line of business?

I manage the Service Department. All vehicles are passed through the workshop for a pre-delivery inspection then moved on to sales. When vehicles are purchased any accessories or specific customer settings are done in the workshop. All the servicing and repairing of vehicles is done here or through this department.

  1. Tell us more about yourself.

I have been in the motor trade for just on thirty years, moving from Construction Plant Machines to Tractors onto Cars and Bakkies.

  1. What drives you?

Complete Customer Satisfaction.

  1. What is the quote that you live by?

Attention to detail, drill down to the cause of the problem so it does not re-occur.

  1. The words that best describes you?

Helpful & Reliable

  1. What are five things that you love and can't get through the day without?

My family, my grandchildren, my wife, the sea and my dog.

  1. What are your contact details?

35 Moffat Drive Ballito – 032 946 5600 - 079 569 4157